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Angels in the snow is a Beginner level Strength exercise in the Exercise for Better Bones program. I call it “angels in the snow” because it reminds me of when I was a child and I would lie on the fresh snow and make an angel shape by moving my arms and legs.

Angels in the Snow Exercise

You want to start the Angels in the Snow strength exercise by getting down onto your back. If you need some support under your head, this would be the time to put it there.

Have your feet and your knees hip-width apart, palms up and just slightly away from your body.

As with all the exercises, maintain a neutral curve in your back. Leave a little space where you can put your hand in. This space should stay like that during the entire exercise.

Keep your abdominals active and engaged.

Upward Movement for Angels in the Snow

You take a breath in.

Exhale and keep your tummy tight as you press your upper arms into the floor.

Go as high as you can. Keep going up, so long as you can keep contact with the floor.

It is totally fine if you need to stop and take another breath in.

Keep going as far as you can and as high as you can.

Keep your upper shoulders and upper arms in contact with the floor.

angels in the snow

Downward Movement for Angels in the Snow

Breath in.

Push into the floor.

You should feel this throughout your back. Good.

angels in the snow

Tip for Angels in the Snow

Now, tip here.

I don’t want you focusing on pushing your forearms inward.  Often times what will happen is that you will use your triceps and you end up hyper-extending or bending your elbow the opposite way. This will take away from the benefit of the exercise.

Really focus your efforts on your upper arms. Even if your forearms actually come up off the floor, that’s totally fine.

That’s it for Angels in the Snow.

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March 19, 2019 at 1:09pm

Amy Hatfield

Thank you! I’m 3weeks into using the book, and everything feels like it’s good for me, but sometimes I need to mix it up a bit!

March 19, 2019 at 6:00pm

Richard Martin replies

Hi Amy. Great to hear you are working your way through the book.