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The Lateral Lunge exercise is an Elite and Athletic level warm up exercise from the Exercise for Better Bone program. It is one of several warm up exercises you should do before starting the strength exercise component of the Exercise for Better Bones.

Lateral Lunge Exercise • Warm Up

The following are the instruction to complete the lateral lunge exercise with proper form.

  1. We’re going to start with a lateral lunge.
  2. I’ve chose to work from a yoga mat with a line straight across just that you can see better.
  3. In fact, I’m actually going to step to a 9:00 and a 3:00 position.
  4. I’m going to start with my hands together.
  5. Take my breath in and slowly, gently, as I’m stepping out to the side, I’m going to tighten my deep abdominal, my lower tummy, and my pelvic pull.
  6. Coming in, step out, sit back behind the heel, back to center.
  7. And back to center.
  8. When you’re stepping out, it’s important that you keep your feet in the same plane that they were in.
  9. They are to stay parallel to one another whether you’re in the center or whether you’ve stepped out to the side.
  10. The next important point is that you want to sit right back behind your heel.
  11. The leg that stays straight isn’t blocked, there’s always a very slight bend in that knee.
  12. Back to the center and through.

And that’s for the lateral lunge.

Health care and fitness professionals should listen to the tips provided in the next section.

Lateral Lunge Exercise • Professional Tip

Here’s the teaching tip for the Lateral Lunge.


  1. You may have a client who’s having a hard time with the concept of sitting back when they come through and step out to the side.
  2. If this is the case, then you can always place your stool or a ball on a stand behind them so they understand the concept of where the bottom’s going when they step off to the side.
  3. In this case here when I take my step laterally, I’m aiming my butt towards that stool or towards the ball.
  4. They don’t actually sit on it but they have an object to direct their weight on.

That’s the teaching tip that I want to share today.

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