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Tricep cable pulldowns are one of a number of excellent weight lifting exercises for osteoporosis. Many people use it as an alternative to the tricep extension exercise on the floor or ball.

The following video demonstrates the guidelines for executing tricep cable pulldowns with proper form. This is especially important to people with osteoporosis or who are concerned with their posture.


Tricep Cable Pulldowns

Caution is advised for people with osteoporosis since the additional load and technique can lead to poor alignment, a flexed posture and the increased risk of fracture.

Here are a few tips and pointers to consider if you decide to incorporate tricep cable pulldown into your program:

  1. Make sure you keep good alignment by:
    1. keep your legs slightly bent
    2. shoulder blades tucked down and back
    3. hinge forward from the hip (not from the back)
    4. eyes stay up and looking forward through the movement
    5. pull the cable straight down towards your knees
    6. make sure you follow a nice tricep pull
  2. I frequently see people do the following at the gym when using the tricep pulldown cable machine:
    1. people often put extra weight on the machine and this forces the user into a forward flexed position or a side movement to compensate for the extra load
    2. they are getting weight behind the cable instead of isolating the muscles

Tricep cable pulldowns can be effective but you might need to make a few small modifications to gain the most benefit and reduce your risk of fracture.

Give it a Try — But Do it Safely

I encourage you to incorporate tricep cable pulldowns into your weight training osteoporosis program. However, pay attention to how you execute the pulldown (especially your postural alignment) and how you use the tricep pulldown cable machine and you will enjoy many years of safe bone building.

To learn more about a comprehensive exercise program for osteoporosis, I encourage you to consider my MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones program.

Osteoporosis Exercise Plan

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