Balance and Fall Prevention Exercises

This online video series offers over eighteen progressive lessons. Each one builds on the next. You can follow along and, in no time, see your balance improve. There is something for everyone, from the rehabilitation stage to the Athletic/Elite Level.

Balance Exercise Videos

I created these balance exercise videos so that individuals at all levels can improve their balance. The balance exercise videos are designed for seniors, individuals with limited balance, and active people looking to improve their balance. They will improve your balance, confidence and quality of life.

Good balance is an essential part of an osteoporosis exercise program. If you have good balance, you can reduce the chance of a fall and fracture, improve your performance, enjoy the activities you love to do, and get more out of your Yoga practice.

Balance Exercise Benefits

These balance exercise videos will help you:

  • Easily find the balance exercise level that is right for you.
  • Progressively improve your balance by advancing through to the next balance exercise level.

Your Balance Will Improve Quickly

Your balance will improve quickly when you do the balance exercise videos in this program. When you do these exercises, you will:

  • Move with more confidence.
  • Hold a better posture because your balance will help keep you aligned.
  • Reduce your chance of a fall.
  • Feel safer when you do your daily activities and exercises.
  • Improve your performance.
  • Enjoy the activities and exercises you love to do.
  • Get more out of your Yoga practice.

The Balance Exercise Videos: Workouts and Tutorials

There are 21 episodes of balance training exercises in the program — totalling over four hours of video content.

  • Most of the episodes are workouts where I walk you through the individual balance training exercises appropriate for your level.
  • The remaining episodes are tutorials that explain key concepts important for good balance.

Important Points

  • One time purchase. No ongoing subscription charges.
  • Play as often as you want and when you want.
  • Available via streaming only. No DVDs (sorry).
  • There are NO advertisements when you play your video!
  • Can be done at home.

Balance Exercise Video Samples

I have several sample videos (from the course) on my YouTube channel. Take a look.

Single Leg Balance Exercise Variations

I demonstrate the single leg balance exercise for seniors and beginners.

Basic Balance Variations

In the video I show you a progression of balance stance variations and balance exercises for seniors to prevent falls. I demonstrate how to progress from a parallel stance to staggered and eventually to a tandem stance.