Build stronger bones, muscles, and body. These books are designed to help you stay fit, strong, and fracture free. All of the books are available on Amazon in both print and Kindle format.

Exercise for Better Bones

A safe and effective exercise program to improve your bone health, reduce your fracture risk, maintain your independence and improve your confidence.

All of the exercise programs incorporate weight bearing, cardio, flexibility, balance, and posture improvement. I also cover exercises you should avoid.

Strengthen Your Core

For individuals who want to improve their core strength. The book covers the theory behind core strength and provides detailed descriptions of each of the Plank and Side Plank poses for all client levels — from beginners just starting to build core strength to advanced elite athletes wanting to gain that competitive edge.

Over 70 Plank and Side Plank poses are described (with photo illustrations).

Yoga for Better Bones

Learn how to practice Yoga safely if you have osteoporosis or low bone density. Yoga for Better Bones is richly illustrated with clear photo images demonstrating modifications to popular Yoga poses.

Ideal for both individual Yoga practitioners and Yoga teachers concerned about bone health.