Exercise for Better Bones Strength Videos

This online video contains clear, concise explanations and demonstrations of every strength exercise in my book, Exercise for Better Bones. Whether you are a Beginner, Active, Athletic, or Elite athlete, ensure you get the most out of your workouts.

Exercise for Better Bones Videos

This course includes all of the Exercise for Better Bones videos. It covers the strength exercises for Beginner, Active, Athletic and Elite levels from our book, Exercise for Better Bones. The course includes video demonstrations of over 40 exercises with emphasis on safe form.

Important Points

  • One time purchase. No ongoing subscription charges.

  • Play as often as you want and when you want.

  • Available via streaming only. No DVDs (sorry).

  • There are NO advertisements when you play your video!

  • Can be done at home.

Sample Exercise Video

This is sample of one of the exercises (posted on my YouTube channel) from this course: the clam shell exercise. The clam shell benefits both the hips and the knees. Enjoy!