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Today, we invited several clients to share their experience with their osteoporosis therapy exercises program. Both Josephine and Ken had specific bone health challenges but had particular needs.

You will learn how small changes can take a safe and effective exercise and make it harmful.

The sample workout at the end of today’s lesson is from my Stronger Bones, Stronger Body series. This edition is designed for Active level individuals (as described in my book Exercise for Better Bones.)

Purchase Exercise for Better Bones

You can purchase Exercise for Better Bones on Amazon (the book is available in both print and Kindle formats).

Osteoporosis Therapy Exercises Prescriptive Program

Today you have the opportunity to listen to users of the Exercise for Better Bones. Let’s start with Josephine and then hear Ken speak about his experiences.

Josephine: One of the things about doing this program is that, now it’s part of everyday. I found different things to do, and exercises that I actually enjoy doing, that I can do on a daily basis and fit into my routine.

Any time I tried it in the past I might have done it for few weeks and then stopped. But this time, I think just because of the nature of the exercises and once I’m particular with thinking about some of the strength ones and some of the cardiovascular.

Exercise for Better Bones Book

Walking and Cardiovascular

Walking and building up my stamina certainly has improved over the six months.

Basically the way my program works is in fact, I can do it all in my bedroom.

Often what happens is, I’ve been out for a walk. I’ve done some cardiovascular exercise and then I come back and it’s with the use of a ball, basically, in my own bedroom space. I’m able to work through all of the exercises.

The biggest drawback to going to gym for me was that you had to go out again in the evening. In order to keep doing it, I think being in the comfort of your own home is terrific, and it’s a lot easier to do it.

All my exercises actually can be done in the space that’s there within the bedroom. My program requires a small amount of space and very little equipment.

Ken: Swimming have been my form of exercise virtue all my life. I swam competitively when I was young, both high school and university, and continued.

If I had lose weight or I had to get in shape I went to the pool, and swam some laps. And, I always considered that…I think that was part of the shock.

I always considered that to be the best of all exercise and I kept everything going. To realize that there was a major component that was lacking in that. My exercise had to change.

Margaret: The MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones program provides you with a detailed list of exercises based on your activity level and fracture risk. We identify the bones and muscles that are targeted in each exercise, provide clear directions of how to perform with safe form, as well as detailed exercise schedules.

If you’ve been thinking of starting an exercise program that you know its safe and efficient for your bones, then I encourage you to click on the link, to purchase an Exercise for Better Bones.

start your osteoporosis exercise treatment program

Today’s Exercise

In today’s exercise, you will learn how small changes can take a safe and effective exercise and make it harmful.

Stronger Bones, Stronger Body Workout Video

After the production of our prescriptive osteoporosis exercise program, I had many requests for a home workout program to complement Exercise for Better Bones.

I produced individual videos demonstrating each strength exercise in Exercise for Better Bones.

My readers and clients still requested an easy-to-follow progressive home video series. That led us to produce the Stronger Bones, Stronger Body series.

With time, our video offering gradually evolved to include instructional flexibility, balance, aerobics, yoga routines, and courses.

We no longer have a DVD. All our videos are in streaming format to help you access them anytime, anywhere you have coverage.

20 Minute Sample Workout

If you enjoyed the Stronger Bones, Stronger Body Beginner/Active  sample video on Day 4 but found it easy, I invite you to try the Active Level video sample.

If you found the Beginner/Active Stronger Bones, Stronger Body sample video on Day 4 to be just right for you, I invite you to view the Active Level as a future goal to work towards.

Tomorrow’s Lesson • Yoga and Osteoporosis

Check tomorrow’s email for the sixth lecture of this course on yoga and osteoporosis.


October 4, 2015 at 12:57am

Olivia Winthrope

I have found that the best way to strengthen bone is by wearing a weighted vest .
My MD suggested I get the one vest that is sleek and it is made by NYKNYC . its great , easy to get weight workouts by just walking and I am increasing bone mass also so I recommend the vest to everyone as a fast easy way to bone up!

August 6, 2017 at 1:34am

Jean Ann Gilder

I have osteopenia, and have just started reading the Kindle version of healthy bones. I seem to remember hearing that pounding one's heels can improve bone density. Is that true?


October 6, 2018 at 2:04am


Is this book for ones with osteoporosis

October 6, 2018 at 9:30am

Richard Martin replies

Hi Leonora: The Exercise from Better Bones book is an exercise program for people with osteoporosis, osteopenia and low bone density. You can learn more about it here:

March 29, 2019 at 10:24am

Robyn Lichter

Good morning
How would I go about sharing my situation with Ms Martin?
Thank you

March 29, 2019 at 12:25pm

Richard Martin replies

Hi Robyn. I sent you an email explaining how to work with margaret. Thanks.

March 29, 2019 at 12:27pm

Richard Martin replies

Hi Robyn. The email you provided was incorrect. Please use our Contact page to make contact with me. Thanks.

May 24, 2020 at 9:19pm

Karen sibley

Is there any exercise for upper abbs

May 25, 2020 at 7:26am

Richard Martin replies

Hi Karen. Margaret wrote a book and created an extensive library on core strengthening that is safe for all people.

July 21, 2021 at 9:18am

Shamima Basrai

Hi, I am looking for a PT trained by Ms. Martin in the GTA area, any recommendations?

Thank you