Marodyne LiV Platform

The Marodyne low-intensity vibration (LiV) platform improves bone and muscle health.

Marodyne Low Intensity Vibration Platform

The Marodyne Low Intensity Vibration platform is designed to safely and effectively improve muscle and bone health. I recommend the device to many of my clients as a supplement to their osteoporosis exercise program.

I have written extensively on vibration therapy and osteoporosis, whole body vibration therapy contraindications, and the Marodyne LiV device. Please use these resources to inform yourself.

Marodyne Price Discount for MelioGuide Readers

You can contact Marodyne and they will get back to you to address any questions you have. If you decide to purchase the device, they will give you the MelioGuide discount on the purchase price.

Marodyne Low Intensity Vibration Platform Review

In this video, I cover how to set up and use your Marodyne low intensity vibration platform.

Does Vibration Therapy Improve Osteoporosis?

I interview the scientist behind the Marodyne LiV, Dr. Clinton Rubin, about the technology and how it affects bone health. This is a deep dive into low intensity vibration therapy.

We discuss how low impact vibration can benefit your bone health, treat your osteoporosis and improve bone density and bone quality

You should set aside some time to go through it. Many people tell me that they watch the video several times as they find it very informative about vibration therapy and osteoporosis.

How Debi Uses Her Marodyne

Debi used a combination of exercise, nutrition, and low intensity vibration to reverse her osteoporosis. I asked Debi if she would share her story with you. She felt it was important that people know that you can do things to improve your bone health and agreed to a video interview.

2023 Vibration Therapy Research Update

I provide an update on the latest research on vibration therapy.

Do Vibration Platforms Increase Bone Density?

In this extensive video interview, Dr. Rubin and I discuss low intensity vibration therapy. We cover a range of topics related to whole body vibration platforms and how they can be used to improve bone health and treat osteoporosis.

Dr. Rubin is a world authority on vibration therapy and whole body vibration platforms and their affect on health.