I recently completed reading the book Being Mortal by Dr. Atul Gawande. It was a great read and I strongly encourage you to read it.

Fall Prevention in Three Steps

fall-preventionIn his book, Dr. Gawande discusses three steps to fall prevention. Consider making changes in one – or all – of these factors because a change can considerably affect your chance of a fall.


If you have become weaker, consider strength training exercises. A stronger body allows you to react to an oncoming fall and might help you either catch your fall or regain your balance.


Poor balance is a major reason why many people experience a fall. Consider exercises that improve your balance and agility.

Prescription Drugs

People who take more than four prescription drugs have a higher chance of a fall. Check with your Physician to see if all of those prescriptions are necessary.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Margaret Martin at MelioGuide. Today I wanted to share with you a couple of really important topics related to falls.When we think about aging, when we think about our parents, our older uncles and aunts, the people in our lives that we love dearly, we start getting concerned about the possibility of falling.And for some of you, as listeners, you’re thinking about your own possibility of falling.And so I had a great read this winter. It was book by Atul Gawande on Being Mortal and in his book when he looks at aging and some of the consequences of aging, he brings up three points that basically are a prescription for guaranteeing that you will have 100% risk of falling in the next year.

And those three things are weakness, poor balance, and taking more than four prescription medications. And so, if you or any of your loved ones are experiencing poor balance, know that they are not as strong as they should be and/or are taking more than four prescription medications. Then I highly recommend that you make some changes in one or all of those areas because individuals who did not have any of those three factors only had a 12% of falling in the next year.

So from 100% to 12% by having an impact in altering your balance, in strengthening your muscles especially of your lower body, and talk to your pharmacist, and your family physician, see if all those prescription medications are necessary and if they are to make sure their that their side effects don’t cause you to be further at risk for falling.

I hope those points are helpful for you and for those that you love.

Thanks for tuning in. I’m Margaret from MelioGuide.