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How do you integrate core exercises for posture into actual improvement? We know that core exercises and good posture go hand in hand. In this video, I illustrate that to achieve good posture you need to take what you have developed through core exercise and integrate it into how you hold yourself.

Core Exercises for Posture

Hi. Welcome back to MelioGuide and Strengthen Your Core.

I’m Margaret Martin and as a Physical Therapist I’d like to think that you’ve chosen to do Strengthen Your Core to improve your performance, reduce your back pain — if you have any — and just feel overall stronger.

I know secretly many of you are doing this program also to improve the way you look and the way you hold yourself.

Simply by strengthening your core onto itself will not automatically transfer over into how you look and how you hold yourself — unless you allow it to do so.

I want to show you an example of something I shared with a client of mine this morning about how I used to stand when I was 17 years old.

I would just relax my knees back and hang on my ligaments.

I never thought then of actually activating my abdominals. Until I went to Physical Therapy school and I was asked to stand up and they analyzed my posture and I realized that I would just sort of hang out like this.

Margaret aligning her back to a ruler

Integrate Your Core Exercises for Posture Improvement

Even though I have a strong core, I often see this with women and men, who work out aggressively, but then they don’t take the strength that they’ve gained through the exercises that they do and integrate them into how they hold themselves throughout the day.

They should take the benefit of stronger postural muscles, stronger core musculature and then a lengthened posture to have a better stance and have the look that they want to have represent them throughout the day.

I hope that this helps you to integrate and achieve the goals that you want to Strengthen Your Core.

Strengthen Your Core — Core Exercises for Posture

I designed my book Strengthen Your Core for people who want a core exercises for posture improvement, enhances performance, and strengthens from head to toe. The program uses plank exercises and stability ball exercises for core strengthening.

Many people will do the program to improve the way they look and develop a perfect posture. While those are worthy health goals, a core exercise program by itself will not automatically yield a good posture. To achieve this, you will need to take what you have developed and integrate it into how you hold your self.

Core Exercises Guide

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