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The alternating leg lifts prone exercise is one of the Beginner level Strength exercises in the Exercise for Better Bones program. It targets the hamstring, buttocks and lower back muscles and the hip and spine bones.

Alternating Leg Lifts Exercise in Prone Position

Alternating leg lifts exercise in prone position for beginner strength level.

  1. Lie on your stomach.
  2. With any of the exercises where you’re lying on your stomach, except for the stretches, use a pillow under your pelvis so that when you lift your leg or you lift your torso, you’re just coming to a neutral position.
alternating leg lifts prone

Use Your Hands or Rolled Towel to Support Your Head

With this exercise, you have an option of either resting your hands under your forehead or you can use just a small, rolled towel.

  1. Position yourself, and then use the towel, and your arms down by your sides.
  2. Take a nice breath in, gently press the front of your pelvis into the pillow, squeeze your buttock, and lift your leg.
  3. Hold, two, and lower.

Breathe and Press Your Pelvis

  1. Breathe in, gently press the front of your pelvis in, squeeze your buttock, and lower.
  2. Breath in, you want to really think about squeezing and lifting, two, and back down.
  3. One more time. Breath in, and squeeze, and lift, two, and lower.
alternating leg lifts prone

How to Modify the Alternating Leg Lifts

I have many clients who find that very challenging.

If you are one of those individuals that finds the lift of a leg a very hard exercise, something that helps as a cue is for you to think about squeezing your buttock in a gradual progression.

You are going to think of tight, tighter, tightest, and that tightest part is when you’re trying to lift your leg off the floor.

That’s it for the alternating leg lifts exercise in prone position.

alternating leg lifts prone

Osteoporosis Exercise Plan

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July 10, 2018 at 8:56pm

Jennifer McCulloch

I have bought your books and am looking forward to receiving them so I can get started in ernest!

July 11, 2018 at 8:20am

Richard Martin replies

Hi Jennifer: Thanks for purchasing Margaret's books! Good luck with the program(s) and let us know how you are doing.

November 12, 2020 at 3:26pm


I can’t even lift my foot off the ground while lying on my stomach