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The step lunges exercise is an Elite and Athletic level warm up exercise from the Exercise for Better Bone program. It is one of several warm up exercises you should do before starting the strength exercise component of the Exercise for Better Bones.

Step Lunges Exercise

The following are the instructions to execute the step lunges exercise. As a reminder, the step lunges exercise is an athletic and elite level warm up in the Exercise for Better Bones program.

Step Lunges • Recommended Step Height

For the lunge step you’re going to need a stable twelve inch step to support you. The step can be slightly less or more than twelve inches in height. But the minimum height for the step is 12 inches.

A step slightly higher than twelve inches in height is actually going to be better because I want the movement to occur around the hip joint and the shoulder joint. This location is where you are going to apply your weight bearing. A lower step is going to be hard to maintain the posture in your spine that we want to see.

Step Lunges • Step by Step Instructions

  1. You establish yourself in a long lunge position.
  2. You need to transfer weight through your arms.
  3. Your hands should be shoulder width or slightly wider.
  4. With the lunge step you’re going to be skipping or jumping into the contra-lateral position.
  5. Let’s start the step lunges exercise.
step lunges

Step Lunges • Tips and Suggestions

Now a couple points here.

  1. You want the kneecap over the second toe on the front leg.
  2. You also want that same alignment on the back knee the entire time.
  3. When you transfer your weight you want the shoulders to come right up over the hands.
  4. Be sure you keep your back as straight as possible as you perform the step lunges exercise. Pay attention and try to avoid going into a flexed posture.

That’s it for your step lunges exercise warm up. You are now ready to start your strength training exercises in the Exercise for Better Bones program.

Exercise for Better Bones

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Osteoporosis Exercise Plan

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