Flexibility and Stretching Routines

You'll get access to three safe online stretching routines: A gentle wake-up stretch in bed to rid you of morning stiffness, an excellent pre and post-workout stretch routine, and an end-your-day practice that will make you feel limber and flexible.

Stretching Exercises for Seniors

Three gentle stretching exercises for seniors and people fifty and over. Designed to improve posture, flexibility and balance.

Important Points

  • One time purchase.
  • Play as often as you want and when you want.
  • Available via streaming only. No DVDs (sorry).
  • There are NO advertisements when you play your video!

Three Episodes

Episode 1: Dynamic and Static Stretch Routine

Margaret explains the difference between dynamic stretching and static stretching, and identifies when you should use one over the other.

Episode 2: Morning Stretch Routine

This stretching exercise routine was designed for people who find mornings a challenge because of knee, hip or spine arthritis.

Episode 3: Evening Stretch Routine

This twenty minute evening stretch routine targets the whole body and is designed to keep you limber, loose and relaxed. I do it on the floor.

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