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The Band Walks exercise for Athletic level is part of the strength training in the Exercise for Better Bones Program. This exercise targets muscles in the hip abductors and back as well as bones in the hips and spine. In the video I demonstrate how to perform this exercise.


Band Walks Exercise • Instructions

The following are the instructions to complete the band walks exercise.

With the band walks exercise you want to start with a piece of bare rubber band. This ankle band divides intensity so that, unlike a weight, you’re going to have to increase intensity through the resistance of the band.

  • Start with your feet parallel to one another and slightly, if anything, slightly pidgeon-toed.
  • Keep a nice, tall posture.
  • Hands on your hips.
  • You are going to be stepping out to the side.
  • Transfer the weight onto the non-stepping leg.
  • Step out, drop your toe and then drive it with your heel, bring the leg back in.
  • Now when you step back in, you don’t want to lose all the resistance of the band, so keep a little bit of tension through the entire exercise.
  • You’re going to step out and bring the non-stepping leg back in to join.
  • Step out, push against the band, and back in.
  • So slightly pidgeon-toed, drive it with your heel, one more time, out and back in.
  • So slightly pidgeon-toed, drive it with your heel, one more time, out and back in.
  • We’re going to go in reverse the opposite direction.
  • Opposite leg is the driver.
  • Push out and back in, push out and back in, push out and back in.
  • You don’t want to bend your knees, and you don’t want to lock out your knees either.
  • You have a very slight position in your knees where they’re not locked and they’re just very slightly bent.
  • But I don’t want a squatted position, so it’s not done in this position.
  • You really want to feel it up in your glute knees, and if you do it properly, this is exactly where you’ll feel it.

So that’s it for the band walks exercise.

Band Walks Exercise • Professional Tip

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