Hyperwear Weighted Vest

Hyperwear produces the best weighted vest for active women.

Hyperwear Weighted Vest for Osteoporosis

I recommend the Hyperwear weighted vest for the majority my clients who would benefit from using a weighted vest. Hyperwear offers two models. Here is my review the Hypervest Pro and my review of the Hypervest Elite.

In the sections that follow, I cover some weighted vest basics, specifically how to choose and use a weighted vest. 

hyperwear weighted vest

How to Choose a Weighted Vest

In this video, I discuss how to choose a weighted vest, how to use the vest, as well as when to use a weighted vest. This video is especially appropriate for people concerned about their bone health and osteoporosis. I cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to weighted vests
  • Attributes of a good weighted vest
  • How you should use a weighted vest
  • How to safely add a weighted vest to your exercise routine
  • Nordic Walking and weighted vests

I have looked at and tested many weighted vests over the years. Most weighted vests are “one-size-fits-all”. That does not work well with this type of equipment. The fit has to be good and the weight distribution even.

HyperWear states that its weight vests have an exceptional fit because they are available in multiple sizes. HyperWear will exchange vests for sizing issues and,they inform us, will always take care of their customers.

Hypervest Elite Review

I review the Hypervest Elite weighted vest.

Hypervest Pro Review

I review the Hypervest Pro weighted vest.

Hyperwear Weighted Vest Workout

Many people ask me what kind of a workout they can do with a weighted vest. In this short video, I demonstrate a workout with the Hyperwear weighted vest.